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Thursday, May 06, 2004

If 2 men want one woman,what will happen to these 3 people in different countries and parts of the world?

In Japan : The first young man grieves and sorrows for the other one's love to his beloved girl,and commits suicide! The second young man gets saddened and feels so sad about the death of his fellow man that he commits suicide too! Then there's no way for the japanese girl except suicide!

In Spain : The first man kills the other one in a duel, and runs away alongside with her beloved girl to South America!

In The Great Britain: The two lovers leave the resolution of the matter cool-headedly to a betting on a horse-riding competition! The beloved will belong to the one whose horse wins.

In France : Rarely the matter deteriorates! The two men agree with each other that the lady belong to the first one for a while and to the second one for another period of time!

In Australia : The two men qaurrel with each other on the marriage with the beloved for years! This argument lasts so much that one of the two sides gets old and passes away,or dies cuz of a disease! Then the one who's survived, achieves his goal with an easy mind!

In Caucasus : The first young man picks up the beloved girl and runs away! The second one robs him of the girl and runs away! Again the first one does this act, and this matter always gets repeated!

In Norway : The beloved of the two men throws herself down from the top of a tall building in order to put an end to their argument and the struggle ends!

In Africa : The matter is very simple and there's no place for disagreement! The two men get married with the woman they want and in addition to her, get married to twenty other women!

In Mexico : The matter results in a bloody clash and one of the two sides gets killed! But then the one who's killed his opponent, feels cold towards the concerned girl and the girl remains without husband and unmarried!

In The United States : The resolution of the matter depends on the woman and she gets married with anyone whom she's chosen!

In Iran : Only money solves the problem! The girl's parents consult with each other and choose the suitor who's richer and wealthier! If the defeated lover is so serious in his love,he can either commit suicide or defeat the opponent,otherwise he feels depressed and ...


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