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Sunday, February 22, 2004

This name that is completely a synthetic one,is combination of 3 semi-names which will respectively be explained below :

1- EL : which is a prefix for indicating dependance and being related to ELF's race;like ELROND ( the leader of the elves in Lord Of The Rings ) which means semi-elf or elf man;His father was a man and his mother was an elf;Or ELFAAS which means the harbor of the elves.

2- MAD : which in synthetic words,means jungle or in some cases, a big and green garden;like TAR-MADOND which means the king of the human beings' jungle. ( OND is a suffix meaning human being. )

3- RIS : which means green or in some cases, emerald.In the elves' language, the adjective of the color comes after the related noun.In some cases - the dialects of the elves' languages differs in some places - like MORDOR ( black land ), the adjective of the color has come before the noun that in this case is for emphasis on black.

::- ELMADRIS : means the green jungle of the elves.This name which hadn't been appeared in the outset of the genesis of the elf's race and while the man's race hadn't been born yet, was entitled on a land that was still illuminated only by the moonlight, and in the first day that the gods put the sun on a chariot in order to illuminate the earth,the shine of the green color of the land was in such a way that the gods named that land ELMADRIS which was the indicator of the shining of the elves' architecture art and its total coordination with the nature out there. Elmadris fell in a great battle after the appearance of MORGOTH ( the god of evil ) and its name has only been survived in the extant poems from the elves' books and even in our time, the poem is read in the first day of Spring in the memory of the beauty of the land and rebirth of nature by the twitter of the spring birds.

In the song of creation, Elmadris was the Ainur who gives the light for humanity. Elmadris means the bringer of Light. For human beings, Elmadris means also The green sorest or the Shining forest where the elves live.

But the story of Elmadris is the story of an Iranian girl who's a blogger too.She could never believe that her story finishes in this way, any other way but not this one.Let me tell you what happened to her :

She was a young girl who loved to be loved. She waited for pure love and at last, she found it accidentally.She fell in love without thinking like a fool, let say.She closed her eyes and stepped on the planet of love holding his hands as tightly as she could.She had another name but as she wanted to devote her life to him, she asked to have a new name, and he called her 'Elmadris' and She put all others away:
-From now on, I only belong to you Honey, do you believe me?
He believed her ,and she went deeper and deeper in Love with him until she drowned.

She never told anyone what happened to her at that nasty night. She wanted to stop writing, living, breathing, loving.

But still there was a hope. A friend asked her : "why don't you update your page?
-I have no page.I destroyed it all.
-Of course you have. Go and update it.
Yes, still there is a hope.For those who like her, she came back again.
Her readers think there was a mystery in Elmadris's Eyes.when they miss her eyes and the way of her Looking, they come to her page.

Courtesy of AtilOPatil , Elmadris , nahid afrouz

P.S. : Elmdris explains about herself : " The name of my weblog refers to my ID,and the story belongs to a couple of years ago.One of the days of those previous years,I had to change my ID for some reasons.As I didn't want to use it anymore and to be found by one of my friends,I called a friend of mine and asked him to find a name for me because I admired his taste and dicernment.He found this name after about a quarter.I got pleased with it very much.Also,he introduced weblog to me,created a weblog for me,and encouraged me to write.In this way I started writing,but I don't know how long I'll write.I don't know this one.
I love elmadris,love it very much,and most of the time I prefer to be known with this name instead of my own real one."

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

. A girl in the tub...

4 o'clock in the afternoon

1-She takes off her clothes,puts the light-colored ones in one basket and the dark ones in another one.

2-She locks the door of the tub from inside,stands in front of the mirror,lets out her stomach that had given inside all the time,and starts grumping and objecting to every point of her body.

3-She opens the cupboard,brings out several types of shampoo and aromatic soap special for skin,face,hair,body,sole,... and sets on the edge of the bathtub.

4-She washes her hair with strengthening ,brightening ,luxuriant-making ,...coconut shampoo and massages it for 17 minutes.

5-She washes her hair with the same shampoo one more time.

6-She rubs the aromatic orange-scented softening shampoo to her hair and counts up to 60.

7-She stays 35 mintues under the shower because she must be sure that all the chemicals have been removed from her hair,otherwise it would curl.

8-She pilfers her brother's shaving cream and discharges 6 pounds of it on her legs,arms,and top of her lips.Then picks up a safety razor and goes on...Ahhh !

9-She squeezes her hair well,wraps the towel round her head like a turban,looks at herself in the mirror.she feels beautiful because her eyes and eyebrows have been drawed due to the traction of the towel,and sends a big kiss for her picture in the mirror.

10-Her happiness doesn't last too much as a black-tipped freckle has sprouted on the tip of her nose without her permission.

11-She diagnoses all her body and fights with pimples and rude redundant hair by nail and tweezer.

12-She wears her towel and goes to her room,lubricates all her body with the oily lution.

13-She puts on and takes off 40 times to choose the dress.

14-She sits at the make-up table for 48 minutes and makes up.

8 o'clock in the afternoon

. A guy in the tub...

4 o'clock in the afternoon

1-While sitting on his bed,he takes off his clothes,throws each part to each corner of the room.

2-He wraps a half hand-span towel round his hips and goes toward the tub.

3-He stands in front of the mirror,gives his stomach inside ,and contracts his biceps like body builders : right posing,left posing;He admires himself for half an hour (:"Hey man ,look at this fine figure ! La la la la la") and his mother endorses him from the kitchen.

4- He smells his armpits and the color of his face turns green,blue,purple.

5-He doesn't open the door of the cupboard of the shampoos because he doesn't have anything in it at all.

6-He foems at his armpits with his green bar of soap.A lot of hair sticks to the soap.

7-He washes his face and hair and body with the same soap.

8-Softening shampoo??? Ha ha ha !

9-He farts under the shower and titters because of its sound being echoed in the tub.

10-He bursts with laughter 2 minutes later because this time its odor has reached his nose.

11-He aims at the basin of the tub and pisses in it.

12-He comes out from under the shower and suddenly he realizes he had forgotten to close the door of the tub so all the rug and floor of the house have got wet.(Nevermind; Mom will dry them.)

13-He wraps his little towel round his hips and goes to his room wetly.

14-He throws the wet towel on the bed and wears his clothes in 2 minutes.

4:15 in the afternoon

Sunday, February 01, 2004

After 27 years,special track for ice skaters in Tehran has been opened.The interesting point is that girls can skate and do patinaje on this track only with each other wearing complete clothing ! But opening of it itself can be considered as a step forward.

Check out the pictures : 1 2 3 4


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