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Friday, May 30, 2003

: " Sir Edmund Hillary, 83, greets Nepali Crown Prince Paras Bir Bikram Shah Dev (Right) during inauguration of the symposium on Mountaineering and Development in Kathmandu May 29, 2003, as Nepali minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Kuber Prasad Sharma (Center) smiles.Nepal celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first ascent of Everest on Thursday by making Sir Edmund Hillary, the man who "knocked the bastard off," an honorary citizen.Hillary, who reached the summit with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay at 11:30 on the morning of May 29, 1953, was spending the day in Nepal's low-lying capital Kathmandu, at the age of 83 no longer able to handle the lack of oxygen in the mountains...."It's been an absolutely marvelous day. I feel completely overwhelmed," Hillary told reporters after being welcomed to the ceremony by a group of monks and fanfare of alpine horns...."There's even a booze tent at base camp," Hillary told Reuters this week."If I were 33 again, young, fit and a bit of a dynamo as I think I was in those days, I simply wouldn't want to join the queue that is scrambling to get up the mountainside."...."I felt bloody good," Hillary said. "It was almost a surprise seeing the top, a firm snow cone forming a perfect summit." "

Thursday, May 29, 2003

I've heard that Howie Dorough,a member of Backstreet boys,is actually an iranian guy named "ashkan javaheri".One of my brother's friends who loves them,has claimed this matter.I'm not sure myself,and can't find anything about it in the net.But I've got one of their shows,SHOW ME THE MEANING OF BEING LONELY,and there he's grown beard and long hair and the form of his face yells that he's of east.

Anyway,is it ture or not??


Teacher - Riding motorcycle with Joe Satriani _ Back to Shalla Bal

Student - Driving automobile with Kirk Hammett _ Fuel

Joe Satriani : " I was Kirk's teacher for 2 years. When I was his teacher, Kirk was playing in Exodus, then he joined Metallica. Those were really importand lessons. Sometimes Kirk came to me and we studied on the solos that Kirk did for Metallica. I recommended somethings on those solos. But then my "Surfing With The Alien" album was released and the album was very successful. I toured with Mick Jagger so my own career's started. Kirk Hammett was my last student. "

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

: " According to a report in the German newsweekly Focus, U.S. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice reportedly told a high-level German visitor that the White House would continue to ostracize German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder because of his opposition to the war in Iraq. Rice was quoted as saying that relations between the two countries were slowly getting back on track, but suggested that the chancellor would be left out of any negotiations. The magazine reported that Rice said Bush was aware of Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer's past as a leftist street fighter turned politician and does not believe he is suited to be a statesman. "


: " A strange and horrific attack by a flock of crows in a Hamburg park left a 24-year-old German woman with injuries to her head, face and neck in an incident that could have come straight from the Alfred Hitchcock film "The Birds." The woman was walking her dog through the park when "the birds swooped down on her and tried to peck at her head and neck," local police said in their report on the incident. When she returned with officers, the flock of some 20 crows was perched on a tree. As she approached, they again swarmed around her, strangely leaving the police officers and dog alone. The woman was eventually escorted home. "


The Straits Times : " A videotape broadcast by Abu Dhabi television in April showed Saddam being cheered by a crowd of supporters in Al-Azamiya, but it was reported to have happened on April 9 - the day Baghdad fell to US forces.'During that visit Saddam said he had been betrayed, referring to two US bombardments targeting him,' one of the sources said, quoting witnesses present in Al-Azamiya.'Saddam Hussein knew he had been betrayed and that information on his whereabouts had been handed over to the Americans on the night of March 19,' the source said.The former Iraqi leader then ordered close surveillance of his personal guards who were among the very few to know about his activities.'Thus he voluntarily let it be known that he would be visiting Al-Mansur on April 7,' the source said.'As usual, he took a taxi that was discreetly followed by his guards and went to a restaurant but while his guards thought he was inside the building, Saddam came out from a rear door.'US forces bombed the building soon after but Saddam emerged unscathed.'Saddam Hussein no longer needed proof and ordered the execution of these officers who were known to be among those most faithful to him,' the source said. AFP "

Monday, May 26, 2003

France capitulated early to the Germans. Managed to get a foothold on the Continent by 1943. Applying the strategic lessons of Iraqi Freedom, I bypassed strong points and applied maximum pressure against enemy centers of gravity, to great effect.
Wiped out the Nazi menace, only to find myself at war with the Soviets -- I had an alliance with the Turks, and the Russians had attacked them. By late 1945, I had taken Moscow and was pushing hard into the Caucasus and Siberia. Patton would have been proud.
Then the French launched a surprise attack on my positions in Germany. I immediately put my pursuit of the Russians on hold, did an about face, and launched a massive assault on France. Before long, they were begging for a cease fire, and offering most of their treasury as reparations.I refused. In short order, my armored columns rolled all the way to the Pyrenees.

What do you think?

LT SMASH : "Civilization II. It's an old game, circa 1997, but so is my computer. Hadn't played in a while, as it takes some time to play a proper game.In one game, I had defeated the Germans, Russians, and French. It was very satisfying.But it was only a game."

Saturday, May 24, 2003

: " When George W. Bush labeled Iran part of his axis of evil, it was obvious he had never tasted even one forkful of tahdig.Tahdig is simply rice and butter, but specifically basmati rice steamed in a pot over low heat for a long time until the bottom layer has absorbed the butter, forming a round, golden crust that is quite possibly the most delicious thing in the world.The rice sitting atop the crust, rinsed, parboiled and then steamed in this way, remains fluffy and separate, and is laced with saffron, which costs $40 an ounce for good reason.This carefully prepared rice forms the basis of most Persian dishes, usually accompanied by one of two things: a lamb, beef or chicken kabob straight off the flame, or a stew (khoresh) of surprising contrasts: bademjun (eggplant and lamb in a tomato base), fesenjun (duck and walnuts in pomegranate), qeymeh (potatoes, beef and yellow split peas in tomato).... President Bush really needs to eat some saffron rice and rosewater ice cream before he makes another move in the Middle East. "

Friday, May 23, 2003

Evan Williams,the head of blogger,has answered the rumors about the unicode problem in the new system of blogger in his weblog : " From the rumor debunking department (a highly understaffed department these days): Jeff Jarvis reports, "Blogger and its new parent, Google, need to fix something: Hoder, who started the blogging revolution in Iran, reports that the new Blogger doesn't support unicode." Not true. We've done a lot of work on encoding and internationalization. Here's a screenshot of the options. (We'll be adding more.) There may have been a bug causing Unicode to not show up at one time, I'm not sure. But that's what betas are for-Thanks for the report. "

Wednesday I was invited to a birthday party of one of my friends.Relatively all the invited were persian bloggers ( again) and it was a kind of bloggy gathering.In this party I got the chance to meet a nice person that I was willing to visit : the writer of LADYSUN blog,a different girl who is of the very first persian bloggers in Iran,alongside with Hoder ,godfather of persian blogs,and daringly I can say that she's influenced a lot on iranian blog society with her frank and precise scripts.She herself is an English teacher,and now,she's intended to write in an English one.I congratulated to her for this matter and appreciated her English.She warmly welcomed me and asked about my blog ,and when I told the name of it,she said that she had seen it in Hoder's iranian english blogs links ( Links - Iranians) and it had seemed somehow strange to her ! Anyway,we had a friendly chat,and it was really my pleasure meeting and talking to one of the best and the most famous iranian bloggers . will always be kept in the history of iran weblog writers,even if some of them argue with her in many aspects and fields,like me myself.

Hamid,one of my best friends,is one of those brilliant guys that I always love to communicate with : humble,absolutely genius,music lover,metallica fan ( He's named himself HAMID JAYMZ,hey yeah ), guitar player,master of software ( obey your master).Rarely there would be a name in music world and a note in computer world that hamid doesn't know.Hamid handles one of the most popular persian weblogs,named UNCLE HAMID.If you check his weblog,you'll find a lot of outstanding pictures,even if you're not a native persian speaker and cannot read out his amazing writings.Moreover,he owns a high-quialty music-dedicated site called MUSIC OF THE DAY in which you can sign up and ask for any song that you wanna listen to.Great,ain't it? Check them out,hurry up !
These days hamid studies for participating in entrance exam of universities and he asserts that he only wishes to be accepted in software engineering.Pray for him.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

What Happened That Terrible Day? : " Unfortunately, however, there had been one fatality in the accident. The deceased individual turned out to be one of the group. Cliff was sleeping on the top level of the right rear bunk in the bus when the bus started to roll and he was thrown out of the bus window. The bunks had toppled like match sticks, teetering into one another and collapsing into what resembled a pile of kindling.He was crushed by the bus in the accident and died immediately on contact. So, tragically, in the short space of those few dreadful seconds on that lonely Swedish road, Metallica's dreamlike existence was suddenly transformed into a hellish nightmare. Their 24 year-old bass player, Cliff Burton, was dead.
"I just recall our tour manager Bobby saying, 'Okay, let's get the band together and take them back to the hotel.' The only thing I could think was, 'The band? No way! There ain't no band. The band is not "the band" right now. It's just three guys."
--- James Hetfield - 1993

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

VOA News: " A high-ranking North Korean defector has confessed about his role in test-firing a missile for Pyongyang from somewhere in Iran.Testifying before the U.S. Congress Tuesday, the defector told how he was ordered on a trip in 1989 to an unknown location where he and a small team of scientists activated and fired a missile.The defector said upon returning to the North Korean city of Nampo, he learned from a senior North Korean official the mission had been in Iran.The defector did not say if the missile contained nuclear or conventional warheads. He said after the trip his plant continued to make the same missile control vehicles that were taken to Iran, saying nine of them were exported to Arab countries. He also said 90 percent of the materials used in his work for the missile project were smuggled in from Japan. He worked as a missile scientist for Pyongyang from 1988 until defecting in 1997. "


Thomas L.Friedman,columnist of spent last week driving and flying around central Iraq.He's written about it in his column.I got some interesting statements in it.Read it out :
"Most Important Statistic I Heard: Iraq is 60 percent Shiite. Of those 60 percent, maybe 30 percent would favor a Khomeini-like Islamic republic. That's only 18 percent of the country. As such, two things seem clear: the next president of Iraq will be Shiite, and Iraq will not be Iran.

Most Eagerly Asked Question From an Iranian Journalist I Met in Iraq: When are the Americans going to take over Iran?

Monday, May 19, 2003

Green Left Weekly : " On May 8, State Department spokesperson Richard Boucher told reporters: “Iran now openly admits that it is pursuing a complete nuclear fuel cycle. We completely reject Iran's claim that it is doing this for peaceful purposes... Our concern is about the potential acquisition of nuclear weapons by a state that's a known supporter of terrorism.”Boucher implied that the construction of a uranium-enrichment plant near the central Iranian city of Natanz proved Iran was violating the nuclear NPT, which Iran signed in 1970, because it might enable Iran to produce weapons-grade uranium.Washington is pressing Mohammad ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to deliver a report to the agency's board meeting on June 16 finding Iran in violation of the NPT. US officials hope to use such a finding to secure UN Security Council action — beginning with economic sanctions — against Iran. "

Maziar,one of my closest friends,did me a favor and made a logo for my blog : . How is it?

Phone Booth was released and as usual that different movies have no place among blockboxers,has got a rather low sale(only $44 million).
From the very moment that I read the concept of the movie before being shooted,I got amused.It reminded me of a concept that the maestro,Sir Alfred Hitchcock had said in his famous interview with Great Francois Trauffaut.He had said that he liked to work in a small enclosed location for one person such as a phone booth and only with one actor,on a subject that a guy who has been captured in it,and Hitch had asserted that he could afford the matter,but never had the chance to work on it.(God damn you all cliche producers).After I had read Hichcock's concept,I started to write a short scenario about a man who has been caught into a phone booth,named SAIL CLOSE TO THE WIND.This was before I found that Joel Schumacher is going to make a film,almost close to mine !! ( I have offered my script to several places to check,and if possible,let me make it myself,because I love directing and feel like making it as my first trial.Up to this moment,I've failed to get equipment.They say that I should produce it myself but I say that I want very priliminary facilities.You see?There is no place to help me in my way.)

Anyway,all the time I was following the news of the movie,its pictures and so on.You know,due to my eagerness on this subject,I cared about the movie and its successfulness.Unfortunately,its appointed time of release coincided with the sniper's killings in the U.S.,so FOX intended to delay it.And now that it has been released,people prefer all that rubbish movies instead of choosing good ones to watch.I'm really sorry for them,and by one defend Phone Booth.I think Colin Farrell has performed greatly in this movie,as the captured guy,and Joel Schumacher directed well.

If you've got time yet and it's on the screen of your local theaters,I recommend you to go and watch it and share your experience with me.I'm ready to hear your ideas about it.I believe what is called the art of cinema can be found ,at least partly, in these movies,not in fucking XMEN.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

matched my blog with the following ones :

Hey pals,how do you do?

Thursday, May 15, 2003

It was about a while that I was seeking for a time to write about my feelings about Jason Newsted and his departure from Metallica to canadian Voivod,till I came across this text from a guy named Sjaan.Surprisingly,his writing is exactly what I had wanted to say and I should confess that while reading it,I couldn't help cryin'.

" I'm a big Metallica fan. I love their music and especially the lyrics. My favorite album is Master Of Puppets, then Ride The Lightning. I have great respect for the way they live up to their principles for making the music they want, as they always said they would and proved it too, even though it was not always what the fans wanted. I've been a fanclubmember for 5 years, but quit because I lost my faith in the band and the fanclub for not having their shit together. Although I mourn the loss of the great genius Jason Newsted for not being with Metallica anymore, I'm angry at Metallica for the way they got rid of him. I feel really sorry for Jason, but looking back I think it was better this way, so Jason can finally do everything he wants without having to explain himself to the rest of the band. The guy completely worked his ass off from the moment he joined them and as you all probably know that wasn't easy, especially because he had to fill the empty spot the great Cliff Burton (God rest his soul) left behind. Personally I think he did a terrific job, the way he grew into it, his own way of playing the songs that were first played by Cliff, you just gotta have a lot of respect for the guy. I can't say I'm a Voivod fan, because I have never heard their music before, but I can understand why the band emerged from the ashes like a phoenix, because of everything he does for Voivod. Jason rules big time and I just love the guy. James Hetfield and mostly Lars Ulrich never gave Jason any musical freedom that he could have added to the bands other material. I'm not sure, but I think there was only 1 song on Reload that was Jasons, called Where The Wild Things Are. I don't know if the song is entirely Jasons or only musically and not lyrically. Metallica, or what is left of them, has very much underestimated Jasons capability, the guy is a fucking genius. And now look at what's become of them. James Hetfield swore to stop drinking because of his wife and kids and has always been strongly against drugs, never using it himself because of his beliefs, eventhough Lars and Kirk were known to use cocaine, but never on stage. Now he has been in and out of rehab. Lars Ulrich has always been a smart businessman, but he does everything for himself, he couldn't care less about anyone else. Kirk Hammett is another story. Kirk was, at least for a while, in the same place and position that Jason was. He is, in my opinion, the greatest guitarvirtuoso and a fucking genius still alive. The only thing he did wrong was not to stick up for Jason. Kirk can very much relate to Jasons situation at that time, because Kirk was also a replacement at first (for Dave Mustaine) and, until not so long ago, also didn't have much say in everything. The only thing I find very annoying is that he is acting like a robot, doing and saying everything James and Lars tell him to do and say instead of speaking his own mind about everything. He follows them like a puppy. That's very cowardly. I didn't expect any of it from Kirk. Now Metallica has no bassplayer and Jason is just happy with everything he is doing now and he very much deserves to be too. Jason, if you might ever read this: I fucking love and respect you for who and what you are and everything you do. Keep on following your heart. I think of you as a fucking genius. I know many people share my thoughts and feelings about you. You are doing great. Keep seeing everything in perspective and do what you feel is right. Know that you don't have to prove yourself anymore. If anyone should prove themselves it's Metallica. Let them prove to the world that they can go on without you. You'll see that they're going to miss you for the great person, fantastic bassplayer and creative genius that you are. The fact that you can go on and still being successfull without Metallica already proves that you stand above them and even go beyond them. I wish you all the best in everything that you do. I hope you can continue doing what you love most for a long time. Lots of love for you from me."

U.S. President George W. Bush stands after walking on stage before making remarks at The University of South Carolina Commencement Ceremony in Columbia, South Carolina, May 9, 2003.

- " And in Iran, the desire for freedom is stirring. In the face of harsh repression, Iranians are courageously speaking out for democracy and the rule of law and human rights. And the United States strongly supports their aspirations for freedom. "

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

MTV held up a great celebration in honor of METALLICA named MTV ICON : METALLICA . A number of celebrities like Sean Penn gathered around to speak about and sing Metallica.Sum 41 ,Staind ,Avril ,Snoop Dogg ,Korn and Limp Bizkit played famous songs of them stylizing the songs a bit in their own way and then,my Four Horsemen,who I'm crazy of, themselves played out a medley. James has grown moustache again,after years,and there's no doubt that it fits him.He's tattooed on his arms and chest.Kirk with long hair and moustache,Lars with beard on his chin,and new Rob,all are lovely.Really really a glorious party.Watch it yourself..Don't lose it.Hurry up!!

Stand up in awe of METALLICA.

Saturday, May 10, 2003

127 participated in UMC (underground music competition,a contest for rookie iranian music bands) in tehran with their song, COMING AROUND ,and got the 3rd. place.

" Q: Why use English lyrics in your works?
127: Because that's the language of Rock music. The language of Rock is English. This phenomenon started in England and the US. For instance, German Rock is never sung in German, and if it is, it will never go beyond German borders. Prominent bands such as the Brazilian Sepulture, the German metal groups Jane and Eloy that are famous worldwide, make use of English lyrics.
We have to become universal. In our opinion, even if we want to demonstrate our native and regional spirit in any kind of music the way to convey it would be through the music itself and not the language of the lyrics. We can also express our local concerns through the lyrics but that doesn't mean we'd have to change the language. Anyways, critics of Rock music are not in Iran and we are only bystanders. Using Persian lyrics on western music doesn't necessarily bring about the Iranianization of that music; many have tried that and although the language has changed to Persian the feeling remains Western.
Q: Do you even believe in the creation of Iranian Rock music in the future?
127: Not necessarily, but it is possible. When you listen to "Coming Around," although it is sung in English it has an Iranian air. Not the Iran of the past, but our Iran today, where we have lived for the last 20 years.
Q: One of the problems of using Persian while singing Rock is the necessity to break the melody and natural beat, what do you think of that?
127: English bears some possibilities whereas Persian doesn't. Of course, this true the other way round as well. Anyways, English is a widely used language in comparison to Persian. This language is bound to develop also when we hear other languages such as German and French there's a feeling that the music and the words do not go together.

The whole story ...


Reuters : " Latin America's revered leftist intellectuals, one of Cuban leader Fidel Castro's few sources of moral support since the collapse of the Soviet Union, are abandoning him in horror at his recent crackdown on dissidents but not writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
The 1982 Nobel Prize winning author, whose novel "Autumn of the Patriarch" has been acclaimed as the classic account of the Caribbean strongman, refuses to join the likes of Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes and Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano in condemning the Cuban leader, an old friend.
The Colombian writer defended himself in Tuesday's edition of daily newspaper El Tiempo after U.S. writer Susan Sontag told reporters that it was "unpardonable" for him not to have spoken out over the recent Cuban crackdown.

"I don't answer unnecessary and provocative questions," said the author of modern classics such as "100 years of Solitude" and "Nobody writes to the Colonel."

Garcia Marquez, known affectionately as "Gabo" and perhaps Latin America's most prominent writer, is a close friend of Castro's and one of a group of intellectuals whose sympathies for the Cuban revolution go back decades.Moral support from such respected figures as Garcia Marquez is highly valued by a Cuban government whose material resources have dwindled since the Soviet collapse.

But even long-standing backers of Castro, notably Portuguese Nobel Prize winning novelist Jose Saramago
, have criticized the Cuban government's firing squad executions of three men who hijacked a ferry in a failed bid to reach the United States and the recent arrest of 75 dissidents in the worst political repression in decades.

"I myself could not calculate the number of prisoners, dissidents and conspirators that I have helped, in absolute silence, to emigrate from Cuba over no less than 20 years," said Garcia Marquez, who is 76 and lives in Mexico and Los Angeles."As to the death penalty, I don't have anything to add to what I have said in private and publicly for as long as I can remember: I'm against it in any place, for any reason, in any circumstances."

Cynics have seen a shrewd portrait of Castro in "The Autumn of the Patriarch," which describes the last days of an archetypal Latin American dictator.

Castro in 2002 wrote a glowing review of Garcia Marquez's recently published memoirs."In my next reincarnation, I would like to be a writer, and, on top of that, I'd like to be one like Gabriel Garcia Marquez," the communist leader wrote in Colombian magazine Cambio
. "


I've got nice friends who always visit my blog and follow my writings,like my friend from Italy.I should show my deep respect and gratefulness toward all of you.As I have mentioned before,your presence encourages me to do better.Thank you very much.


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