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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Iranian Girl : " A great thing is happening & the number of English weblogs written by Iranians is rising...some months ago there were just a few ones but now I'm glad to see that many ones have started or are starting writing in English, & for sure that is the result of hoder's posts to encourage people & fortunately that worked...actually now there are so many ones that I just can't name all of them,...but there is a complete list of them in the right side of hoder's English weblog... "

I completely agree with iranian girl.I do believe that Hoder's motivation has been efficient and at least was true for me to some extent,as I had explained in my intro.
Yesterday there was a gathering of persian bloggers in Tehran,and I was invited too.I can daringly say that somehow I was a stranger among them!Because although they write quite well and each of them has his or her own style of writing,and some of them are friends of mine and I read their blogs every now and then,all of them are used to writing in persian so there was nothing that much common between me and them but witing a blog !Whenever I told them that I have an English blog,they looked at me as if they had heard something weird !Then they intended to ask "So What?!",and why I handle such a kind of weblog,if I've been successful or not,and so on.And I made an effort to clarify my reasons of writing an English blog,and encourage them to try it,too.I don't claim that I'm offering a perfect one,or I'm a person of another planet,but at least know that feel like communicating with a larger population.I know that they're a couple of English bloggers in iran who present better ones than mine,I assert that I would like to reflect whatever I think it should be in my own way.That's it.As well,I always try to improve myself and my blog to higher standards.
Even though it seems that it would take a while for them and even almost impossible to put aside their addiction to their persian blogs,their high number of visitors and simpleness of writing in their native language and get involved to a harder case( and I give them right for these),I hopefully look forward to hearing of more iranian English bloggers,and I hope that my next bloggy meeting ( ! ) would be of English bloggers. Until then,I myself will continue energetically.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

A translation from Hoder's persian blog by Sobh : " Jeff Jarvis is one of famous webloggers/journalists of English blogland. He's got concerned to Persian weblogs after Sina's arrest (some may say he is a spy of CIA!) and in his weblog named Buzz Machine, is making a dialog, as he says, between Persian and English blogland by pursuing English Iranian blogs. For example yesterday he made a permanent section in his weblog for links to Iranian weblogs and listed some most active ones in it. Except that, he is continually quoting from some interesting Iranian weblogs. (I wish there were more Iranian weblogs, getting updated from inside Iran.) Jarvis has launched Entertainment Weekley and some other magazines before and now is running "

Read out it in Jarvis's blog.

After 25 years, the revolution's fire has cooled. Sixty percent of the population is under 30 and has no memory of the shah.They know only the tight grip of the clerics and the weakness of the reformers.Hard-liners(conservatives) are adamantly opposed to any thought of improving relations with Washington. In part because of their intense distaste for the controlling clerics, students and much of the population favor a normalization of that connection.American values—jeans, music, technology, and political ideals—are popular, even if American policy is not.

Iran still sits where it always has—between the oil-rich Gulf and emerging Central Asian republics, between the Arab-Israel and South Asian cockpits, and on top of large oil and gas reserves.Although no longer as critical as when it was a wedge in the containment of the Soviet Union, Iran has a potential for great trouble making or for some good in its region.So far the balance is mixed—positive in calming strife in Central Asia, helpful in Afghanistan but consistently—in the eyes of Israel and the U.S.—an irksome challenge.

Iran's most active assistance has been to Hezbollah in Lebanon during Israel's occupation of the Shi'i south. That aid has diminished since the pullout of Israeli troops. (Israel calls Iran's support for Hezbollah sponsorship of terrorism; Iran calls it resistance to occupation.)Reza Pahlavi,the junior, went on to articulate his view that Iran is the key country in the region and that Iran must change before the entire region can rest easy. As if a neo-con Chatty Cathy himself, Pahlavi stated that Iran is a grave threat to world peace, that they harbor and support Al-Qaeda, they threaten US economic interests and, as if to take the words right out of the mouth of Curt "suitcase nuke" Weldon, US representative from Pennsylvania, Pahlavi indicated "the Iranians do not need delivery systems to send nukes to the US, they can send one lone terrorist to blow off a nuclear device in Lake Michigan."[ !! ] Some kind of exaggeration,anyway.

Iran has been working for generations to acquire nuclear energy generation capability (no doubt some of the weapons grade by-products of that capability too). That effort began in 1967 initiated by Pahlavi's father with the purchase of a five-megawatt research reactor from the United States. The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran was established in 1974 and the Shah had intended to build nuclear power plants throughout Iran by 1994. The Iranian nuclear program was supported by the United States, France, Germany and, of course, now Russia.Washington believes Iran is developing facilities to produce nuclear weapons. Iran says it will need nuclear energy as oil reserves are depleted. When the shah took the same position, Washington cooperated with him in seeking to build nuclear plants.Yet, during the same meeting with Representatives in the US Congress, the younger Pahlavi stated that Iran does not need nuclear technology. That runs contrary to the belief on the ground in Iran, some report, pointing out that the populace feels the country is in need of nuclear technology in order to develop.

Monday, April 28, 2003


: " President George W. Bush chats with Iman Hassan Qazwini after addressing Iraqi-Americans in Dearborn, Michigan, April 28, 2003. In a message aimed at the Arab world, Bush vowed to stand by Iraq until democracy flourishes and said the U.S.-led occupation already had improved the lives of average citizens. "


Iraqi children are waiting for your help.


Iranian people are now allowed to listen to Great Elton John 's,Great Chris de Burgh 's,and Gipsy kings ' voice ! You know, Iranian ministry of culture just had allowed instrumental tracks of any musician,and if the song had vocals,they used to omit it and present it as an instrumental one ! I myself have a lot of these tapes,although having the original songs by my own.Can you find any reasonable answer for this action?They might be convey that the foreigners' vocals are illegal to be heard and it's forbidden,but the annoying voice of most of iranian singers is allowed !! Where's the different?I have always admired most of the lyrics of english lyrics and believe that their lyrics have a kind of depth that makes any one think and even change his manner,and at least enjoy,in the contrary to iranian lyrica which mostly pay attention to : your blackhair,your blue eyes,your arched eye-brow,oh I love you !!" .But the iranian officials had got into a paradox.However,before allowing these tapes to be released,they had allowed only single songs scattered in tapes.For example Bryan Adams performing in the concert with Luciano Pavarotti in an album released called "pavarotti and friends 4".As well,I have seen that there a couple of Sting 's songs with pavarotti in "pavarotti and friends 7".But formally the last week was a turn-around for music market.Although I have heard most of that songs,it's a step forward for us,ain't it?

: " Meanwhile, in Saddam's hometown of Tikrit, small groups of supporters, including some members of his al-Tikriti clan, staged demonstrations honoring Saddam Hussein's 66th birthday on Monday. The groups promised celebrations for years to come.Festivities ended when U.S. soldiers in Bradley fighting vehicles and Humvees showed up, threatening to use force if supporters did not disperse.In Baghdad, nearly three weeks after U.S. troops seized the city, the compulsory mass celebrations that Saddam orchestrated for his birthday were, predictably, absent.Elsewhere in the city, a ragged man carried a placard down central Saddoun Street depicting Saddam with horns and a noose around his neck. "This is your birthday. Shame on you," it read.It is unclear if Saddam is alive."

: " In Tikrit, dozens of die-hard loyalists danced and sang of their passion for Saddam, parading a homemade cake and oil painting of the former leader through their neighborhood backstreets.Young girls in bright red dresses jumped on the spot holding up portraits of him and chanted: "We will sacrifice our souls and blood for Saddam Hussein."

"We only want to celebrate peacefully,"" primary school teacher Sabahan Harez, 50, said. "Where is the freedom of expression the Americans boast so much about." It was not enough to bomb his palaces, smash up his statues and kick him out of power. U.S. troops on Monday also ruined Saddam Hussein's hometown birthday party. "Asked Saddam's whereabouts, the common refrain in Tikrit was "in the people's hearts."Most believe he is alive, hiding somewhere inside Iraq (news - web sites) and hope he returns to power one day and to his hometown palace where statues of him on horseback brandishing a sword still top the ornate entrance gates."We need Saddam back," Fidah Mahmoud, a 49-year-old mother, said. "Only Saddam can control the Iraqi people and give us security." "

By the way,is he fuckin' dead or alive?!

Sunday, April 27, 2003

I should apologize to you for my not being regular on posting.You know,these days I'm a bit busy with my lessons and I think it's the peak pressure of my semester and I should pay more attention to my lessons.But I'll do my best to have my updates here as soon as I can,not to have a gap between my posts.Your presense always has motivated and encouraged me to continue,and so I should show my deep gratefulness.
By the way,next weak,I'm gonna have a mid-term exam and also hand in a hard project .Pray for me!


This is the right position of playing the classical guitar.That's how I should pose for playing it.It may sound rather hard,but that's the correct one.I really enjoyed this picture.

They've finished their latest album,ST.ANGER,and are gonna have a series of live concerts via their tour to europe.I'm eagerly waiting to listen to the songs !!


courtesy of them

Friday, April 25, 2003

VOANews : " President Bush says he hopes Iran will stay out of Iraq, and will not try to gain influence over its Shi'ite Muslim majority. Mr. Bush says the United States will do all it can to encourage Tehran to cooperate.The president says the United States has been trying to convince Iran not to meddle in neighboring Iraq. "We certainly hope that Iran will allow Iraq to develop into a stable and peaceful society," he said. "We have sent the word to the Iranians that that's what we expect."During an interview with NBC television, Mr. Bush said he has been discussing the matter with other world leaders. He was asked if Iran's failure to cooperate might result in military action. "Well, no. We just expect them to cooperate, and we will work with the world to encourage [them] to cooperate," he said. "

Boston Globe : " Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld declared yesterday that the United States would not tolerate an Iranian-style theocracy in Iraq."If you're suggesting how we would feel about an Iranian-type government with a few clerics running everything in the country, the answer is: That isn't going to happen,'' Rumsfeld said in an interview with the Associated Press. "

: " Jay Garner, the retired general appointed by George Bush to run Iraq in the interim, admitted that the level of anti-American demonstrations was much higher than he had anticipated."It concerns me the role I heard Iran is playing," he said. "I will be candid. I do not think the coalition will accept out-of-region influence."...Gen Garner showed his sensitivity about the issue when asked at a press conference whether the presence of American forces was contributing to the creation of an Islamic state. "That is the most ridiculous question I have ever heard," he replied. "

: " After years of shunning the Iraq-based People's Mujahideen as "terrorists," the United States might use Iran's main rebel group to pressure Tehran as tensions rise between the two countries over post-Saddam Iraq.Washington has warned Shi'ite Muslim power Iran, which it has labeled as part of an "axis of evil," not to try to exploit a power vacuum left after the fall of Saddam Hussein.And to make Tehran listen, some analysts say Washington may use the heavily armed Mujahideen as a sobering reminder.Shi'ites form at least 60 percent of Iraq's population and many of their spiritual leaders have strong ties to Iran."The U.S. is groping to find its bearings on a post-war policy to stabilize Iraq and prevent anything Iran might do in regards to the Shi'ites," said Shireen Hunter of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington."A group like this might come handy."U.S. officials say Iranian agents have crossed into neighboring Iraq to promote Iran's influence among Iraq's majority Shi'ite Muslim community.Secretary of State Colin Powell told Arabic daily al-Hayat it was "regrettable" that the fall of the Saddam government had led to the arrival of Iranians in the south of the country, which he said could lead to instability.Iran has denied interfering in Iraq. While staying neutral in the war, Tehran has welcomed Saddam's fall, but it has demanded that the United States leave Iraq immediately.[ ! ] "

Reporter David Loyn reporting from the city of Kut on the Iraq-Iran border : "The Americans advertise their presence, trying to calm things down as they go about finding Saddam's weapons hidden in schools and hospitals.It only serves to let the rent-a-mob protesters know where the Americans are.They're bussed over to chant again that they don't want Chalabi, carrying pictures and banners which were paid for and printed in Iran. "

Thursday, April 24, 2003

: " There have been long-running rumours - frequently denied by United - that Beckham will sign for Real in the summer.His pop star wife Victoria is said to be keen on a move abroad .The former Spice Girl is believed to fancy a move to a chic European capital - and Real have been described as the world's most glamorous club.

Winger Luis Figo's Swedish model wife Helene ,28, has been a regular on the catwalks and has modelled for top agency Elite.Like Victoria, she now has two children.

Ronaldo's wife Milene , 25, once reportedly splashed out on a diamond collar for her cat and spends a fortune on her favourite designer labels - Armani and Dolce & Gabbana.

Raul's wife is Spanish superstar model Mamen .They married at a castle near Madrid in a ceremony that rivalled Posh and Becks' own. "


: " His body language in the aftermath of Manchester United's defeat said it all: David Beckham is tempted by Real Madrid.At the end of a game where he was allowed just a brief - if explosive - cameo role, Beckham took off his United shirt and waved to the fans.Was it a way of saying goodbye? Rumour has it that a deal between the two clubs is a very real possibility.Bookmakers are offering odds of 11-4 on Beckham signing for another club before the first Premiership match of next season, and there are now Real shirts on sale outside the Bernabeu with 'Beckham' printed on the back....Alex Ferguson's relationship with Beckham is at its lowest point since the 14-year-old boy from east London first arrived at Old Trafford.Forget the bust-up over the flying boot - that was an accident which left only brief physical scars.Of far greater importance is the fact that Ferguson chose to leave Beckham out of his starting line-up for the two most important games of United's season so far - away at Arsenal nine days ago and last night's showdown with Real.This is not the same as giving your star name a mid-season rest against some of the Premiership's lesser lights; it suggests a fear that the player is no longer as key as he once was.Ferguson is rumoured to have been less than impressed with the way Beckham has come off against Roberto Carlos whenever the pair have gone head to head. Whether that justifies leaving the England captain out of the side altogether is another matter. Most judges would have rather played Beckham in the midfield role so wasted by the unfit Juan Veron on Wednesday night, but Ferguson chose to not even do that....Selling Beckham to Real - who, as their recent record shows, will pay what is needed to get the player they want - would free up around £30m for Ferguson bring in fresh talent.Beckham has been at United for over a decade. In that time he has served with distinction - but no player, no matter how special, can stay at a club forever. "

: " David Beckham swapped shirts with Zinedine Zidane, raised his hands to applaud the crowd and walked slowly off the Old Trafford pitch after what looks likely to be his last Champions League match for Manchester United....Beckham has been left out before, famously in 2000 after missing training to take his baby son to the doctor, while as recently as February he was struck in the face by a stray boot kicked by an irate Ferguson after United's FA Cup defeat by Arsenal.Beckham's pop star wife Victoria was reported to be furious, while Ferguson dismissed the incident as just one of those things that happen in dressing rooms. "

: " But the Daily Telegraph said on Thursday a deal was being worked on to take the game's second most marketable player after Ronaldo to the Bernabeu.Sources say there is a 90 percent chance of him starting next season in Spain....Both United and Real have consistently denied any transfer but Beckham's iconic status in Asia has reportedly convinced Real Madrid to splash out £38 million to prise him away from United....Last week United's Spanish goalkeeper Ricardo revealed that Beckham, 27, had been asking him about the quality of schools in Madrid. "

I myself agree with Beckham's move to Real because both he can be along with the best players of the world in the most glorious club of the world,and prove that he's got capabilities not limited only to the Britain.As well,my brother will be a Real fan like me.
Come on Becks,one of those white shirts are waiting for you.Join the white swans ! Join us !


: " The Dixie Chicks appear nude on the cover of a weekly showbiz magazine [Entertainment Weekly magazine released on April 24, 2003 ] in a defiant answer to a backlash over their opposition to the war in Iraq.Thursday's New York Post newspaper carried a reproduction of the Entertainment Weekly magazine picture in which the Grammy-award winning women wore only contradictory slogans painted on their bodies, including "Opinionated," "Traitors," "Saddam's Angels," "Dixie Sluts," and "Proud Americans." "It's not about the nakedness," the Post quotes band member Martie Maguire as saying. "It's about clothes getting in the way of labels."Maguire and fellow musicians Emily Robison and Natalie Maines said they posed nude for next week's issue of the magazine in response to the recent flap over Maines' remark at a London concert that they were "ashamed" President Bush was from their home state of Texas. "

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

: " The United States said it has warned Iran against "any outside interference" in Iraq amid concerns that Tehran has sent agents there, perhaps to push its brand of Islamic government."We have well-known channels of communication with Iran and we have made clear to Iran that we would oppose any outside interference in Iraq's road to democracy," said White House spokesman Ari Fleischer."Infiltration of agents to destabilize the Shi'a population would clearly fall into that category," the spokesman told reporters.Earlier, ,citing US officials, reported that Iran-trained agents were crossing into southern Iraq to promote friendly Shiite clerics and possibly an Iranian model of Islamic government.The unnamed officials told the daily that, based on intelligence reports, some agents were members of the Badr Brigade, the military wing of an Iraqi exile group operating from Iran, and irregular members of a special unit of Iran's Revolutionary Guards."They are not looking to promote a democratic agenda," one military official told the Times.Fleischer would not explicitly confirm the report, and dodged repeated questions on how Washington would respond."We have concerns about this matter, about Iranian agents in Iraq," he said, adding: "We've made our thoughts clear to the Iranians." "


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