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Monday, March 31, 2003

Associated Press : "U.S. troops in southern Iraq shot and killed seven women and children in a van Monday when the driver failed to stop at a checkpoint as ordered, U.S. Central Command said. An American journalist who was at the scene said 10 Iraqis were killed, including five young children.... The Central Command said initial reports from the confrontation indicated the soldiers followed the rules of engagement to protect themselves."In light of recent terrorist attacks by the Iraqi regime, the soldiers exercised considerable restraint to avoid the unnecessary loss of life," the statement said.However, Monday's deadly shooting near the southern Iraqi city of Najaf is likely to stoke opposition to the U.S.-led invasion among Iraqis in the Shiite Muslim region, where Washington had hoped for a popular uprising against President Saddam Hussein....According to an account by the Central Command, the van approached the U.S. Army checkpoint Monday afternoon. Soldiers motioned for the driver to stop but were ignored. They then fired warning shots but the vehicle moving toward the checkpoint. Troops then shot into its engine. As a last resort, the military said, soldiers fired into the passenger compartment...."They tried to warn the vehicle to stop, it did not stop," Marine Corps Gen. Peter Pace said on PBS-TV's "The News Hour with Jim Leherer." "And it was unusual that that vehicle would be full of only women and that the driver was a woman. So we need to find out why it was that they were acting the way they did."The military statement said 13 women and children were in the van. But The Washington Post, whose reporter is embedded with the 3rd Infantry, said 15 people were in the vehicle and 10 were killed, including five children who appeared to be younger than age 5. One of the wounded was a man not expected to live, the Post reported on its Web site.The newspaper described the vehicle as a four-wheel-drive Toyota crammed with the Iraqis' personal belongings.In its description of the shooting, the Post quoted a 3rd Infantry Division captain as saying the checkpoint crew did not fire warning shots quickly enough.The Post describes the captain watching through binoculars and ordering the soldiers by radio to fire a warning shot first and then shoot a 7.62 mm machine-gun round into the vehicle's radiator. When the vehicle kept coming, the captain ordered the soldiers to "stop him!"About a dozen shots of 25 mm cannon fire were heard from one or more of the platoon's Bradley fighting vehicles, the Post said.The captain then shouted over the radio at the platoon leader, "You just expletive killed a family because you didn't fire a warning shot soon enough!"according to the Post."It was the most horrible thing I've ever seen, and I hope I never see it again," Sgt. Mario Manzano, 26, an Army medic with Bravo Company of the division's 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, told the Post."
Maybe if I were those troops,I would manage to shoot to a van which is strangely full of women and children due to avoid my loss of life.I don't blame those poor soldiers.I know that the troops have not done anything wrong considering the recent terrorist attacks to them in disguise and also precautions of war area ,but on the other side suppose you're riding in the road and you're too anxious to control the it would be if soldiers shoot you without even trying to shoot the wheels and puncture the vehicle,although they know the vehicle can be stopped and you can be arrested without killing you?But don't worry,It's OK just because your governors just can't use oil for the welfare of people,and the others should make decisions for you!Is it convincing?!

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Yesterday the 5th channel of iran television(named as TEHRAN CHANNEL,which is a local one),showed ENTRAPMENT featuring SIR SEAN CONNERY & beautiful CATHERINE ZETA-JONES(who is right now heavily pregnant and orange-skinned).Although there were some censors esp.the romance relationships between connery and zeta jones,and wearing of zeta jones,I saw some improvement!First of all because of watching a film from catherine zeta jones from Iran's TV(which is really an opportunity),and then not censoring some scenes that in its ordinary manner,is a matter of censor!like the swimming scenes of zeta jones or her wearing clothes and drying her hair after swimming!
I hadn't got chance to watch it before,and so I didn't have any doubt to watch.Even I watched its repeat at the end of the night.
I should confess that I really enjoyed it,esp. the brilliant screenplay.Even when I was watching its repeat at the end of the night,I found a couple of new things out there that I hadn't mentioned at the first time,and this is one of the characteristics of a successfull scenario.I should show my deep respect to Ronald Bass, William Broyles, Jr., Michael Hertzberg ,the screenwriters,and also Jon Amiel.I had seen his Copycat years before starring SEAGOURNEY WEAVER and liked it.I think he's one of the talented ones,of course if he doesn't ruin himself like BRIAN SINGER!!(Can you imagine that the maker of THE USUAL SUSPECTS,is the same one who made X-MEN?).
By the way about one of my loves,catherine zeta jones,is something that I always say with myself :"What a pity!".The thing is that I can never accept old Michael Douglas as her husband!!Oh my God,I wanna cry!!Why should such a beautiful girl like her become married to such a man?I know,I know.She loves him,but what can I do with my heart that loves her?!! I wish she had loved me!!
Despite all these things,watching a good film is pleasant anytime anywhere,esp. when you're at home at holidays,isn't it?

Saturday, March 29, 2003
Hi.I'm Ali,24 years old from Tehran,Iran.I've got my Bsc. in the field of civil-engineering and now am studying water engineering at graduate course to get my Msc.,hopefully.But,what I should say,is that I'm just an ordinary simple iranian boy who wants to convey his thoughts,beliefs,favorites,country,society,....
As I have implied in the title,for a long time I had some special feelings about writing in a farsi(persian) blog,and being frankly,some kind of hatred.This was caused by some reasons that I'll discuss it later-not now in the intro-,but briefly I can say that I used to think :"So Fucking what?"But actualy 3 factors encouraged me:
First of all,I always have a desire to express mine worldly.This may be something you may think that is common in other people.That's right,but I should say that I have made my whole life on the basis of a thing : BEING SOMEHOW DIFFERENT,MENTALLY & PHYSICALLY.I don't mean that I wanna do exactly opposite of what others do.I mean that I don't wanna get trapped in the boring cycle of life.I wanna leave a trace behind myself,even too narrow.This is my philosophy of life in brief and it might be achieved by any media.I have thought that it will occur a day thru my favorite medium,cinema.But what made me write an English blog,is reading this article of Hossein Derakhshan's persian blog(Hoder,which is the most popular one among persian blog readers) and then,getting acquainted with this blog.I enjoyed the idea,and sticked to it as soon as possible.
Second,trying to have my English knowledge updated and improve it.I should confess that my English may not sound that much good for an native English speaker and reader,but I say that I'm full of self-confidence and promise to do my best.
third,I don't know.Maybe the war.
I don't know myself a blogwriter,but at least I wish I could be a good speaker and good conveyer of what I truly believe.
Thank you in advance.

Friday, March 14, 2003
hi.this is a test,again.


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